Damayan Garden Project, Inc. - Mission & History

Our Mission

To sow the seeds of ecological awareness and healthy living in our community through hands-on gardening activities. 

Who we are

Damayan is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1992 to increase food security for low-income families. For seven years, Damayan was a grassroots, volunteer-run organization planting only family gardens. In 2000, we wanted to extend our reach into the community and use the gardens to teach about nutrition and the environment. To this end, we began planting community gardens in underserved neighborhoods, community centers, and schoolyards. Many of our gardens help bring fresh produce to food deserts. 

What we do

To realize our mission, we partner with the faculty and parents at schools and community organizations to implement and maintain the gardens. In addition to supplying soil, compost, plants and seeds, Damayan offers hands-on instruction while the new gardeners master the skills necessary to maintain the gardens themselves.

Why we do it
Our essential motivation is the belief that everyone should have access to fresh, nutritious food and the health and well-being that comes with eating locally grown, seasonal produce. By planting gardens and teaching others to tend to them without using chemical pesticides or fertilizers, Damayan encourages change toward a sustainable future.


Board of Directors


Penny Alsop

Burgen Schwartz, Garden Program Director
Henry Gwynn

Laura Phipps, Chairperson
Laurie Jones, School Garden Club Instructor
Kathy Weiss, School Garden Club Instructor
Tiffany Torres

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